PROFIT MAX  with 24/7online service and its unique features:

  1. Reliability – Private Online Banking of your investments
  2. Yield - 20-30% annual profit
  3. Transparency - through personal monitoring back office / Back Office / Customer and Online Banking
  4. Accessibility - of the account via a debit MasterCard
  •  Withdrawing money from the account at any time of day
  • personal debit card
  •  additional cards for all family members

 5. Liquidity through the service Online-Banking  
  • debit  Master Card ®
  • From a  Master Card ®  to a  Master Card ®
  • Transfer to any account in any bank in the world
  • From one Profit Max program to another Profit Max program

6. Opportunity to obtain loan- fast, easy, inexpensive (up to 60% of the amount invested can be taken out in t
  • Low interest
  • Only pay monthly interest.
  • Loan to be granted within 3 working dayss an increase of the initial investment.


1. First class service by a leading Swiss company in the world of finance

2. Opportunity to participate and win the global international markets, even withvsmall amounts and getting good rates

3. Ability to increase and accumulate funds

4. Opportunity to form a Family Inheritance of the funds
5. A unique revolutionary 24 / 7 Online-Banking-Your money - always and everywhere in your hands by Master Card ®

6. Continuous maintenance of the investment account from stocks exchanges around the world in real time

7. Professional support by financial advisers

8. Possible involvement of individuals and legal entities

9. Gift to each customer - a free life insurance amounting to $ 10,000


1. The team of first class Swiss super professionals who operate the IS Company which operates of the global International Markets have developed programs of highly individual strategy and portfolio.

2. Consider for yourself the benefits of exclusive Innovation Product Profit Max, which promises the clients confidence and peace in every country of the globe and at any time.
3. This program is based on principles of trust, strict confidentiality and Maximum individualization of desires and needs through a range of banking services.


  -  Reliable Swiss Private Bankingwhich gives opportunity to constantly monitor the markets
  -  Profitability of the investment program that reflects to your individual wishes   with maximum protection
  -  Availability of investment account with Online Banking service
  -  Debit Card Master Card ® - Options for free internal and external payments, transfers , ATM services

  -  Opening of a free Swiss bank account

  -  An Advantage for a loan from Swiss Bank

  -  Training Consultations for you or your child.

  -  Flexible financial products and services of your choice

If you want your money works for you from the first moment to the last make Profit Max here:

For more information contact whit S. Dankova: 


1. Надеждност -> Swiss Private Banking - Ексклузивно Швейцарско Първокласно обслужване и управление на активи

2. Доходност - 20-30 % годишна печалба

3. Прозрачност - мониторинг чрез личен бек офис /Back Office/ на клиента и Online Banking

4. Достъпност на сметката чрез дебитна Master Card® :

    –  теглене на пари от сметката по всяко време на денонощието 

    – лична дебитна карта на физическо или юридическо лице

     – допълнителни карти за всички членове на семейството 

5. Ликвидност чрез услугата Online-Banking

      –  дебитна Master Card® 

      –  от Master Card®  на  Master Card®

      –  на произволна сметка във всяка друга банка по света

      –  от една програма Profit Max на друга програма Profit Max

6. Възможност за получаване на кредит , бърз ,лесен, евтин ( до 60 % от инвестираната сума можем да вземем под форма на кредит , залог е нашата инвестиционна сума)

     *  ниска лихва

     *  кредита се дава от първокласна швейцарска банка

    *  кредита е отворен както и нашата сметка. Ползваме по всяко време колкото е необходимо. Плащаме месечно само лихвата.

     * кредита се отпуска в рамките на 3 работни дни.

7. Възможност за реинвестиране на кредита. Сумата може да се ползва кеш .

Втори вариант -> да послужи като увеличение на първоначалната инвестиция.

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